In the media

Below are a list of selected English and Chinese language media reports and interviews that include commentary from Kevin Slaten.

Broadcast Media

2016 June 29, Voice of America (Chinese), "How are young voters impacting the general election?"  (年轻选民如何影响大选结果)

2016 June 27, Voice of America (Chinese), "Trump and Clinton face-off: who won the first debate?" (时事大家谈: 川普克林顿正面对决,首场辩论谁封王)        

2016 June 1, Voice of America (Chinese), "New global slavery index: China ranks number 2" (最新全球奴役指数出炉 中国排名第二)

2016 April 19, Voice of America (Chinese), "Final battle today in New York for U.S. presidential candidates" (美国总统参选人 今决战纽约州)

2016 April 8, Voice of America (Chinese), "Millions of Chinese workers laid off--is a new labor movement in China forming?" (百万下岗工人,中国新劳工运动正在形成?)

2016 March 14, Voice of America (Chinese), "More controversy with Labor Contract Law; where's the problem coming from?" (劳动合同法再起争议,问题出在哪里?)

2016 February 6, Voice of America (Chinese), "Anti-establishment anger of American voters" ("美国选民反体制的怒气")

2015 December 8, Voice of America (Chinese), "China's Target of Suppression Turns Toward Labor Activists" (中国打压对象转向劳工维权人士)

2015 October 27, Voice of America (Chinese), "Labor Organization: Apple's Profits the Largest, Supplier Factories' Wage the Lowest" (劳工组织:苹果公司盈利最多 代工厂薪资却最低)

2015 August 24, The Debate (France 24), "The Fallout from Tianjin: Disaster exposes China's governance failings"

2015 August 11, Voice of America (Chinese), "Two Suicides in Four Days at Apple's Foxconn Factory in Zhenghou" (苹果公司富士康郑州工厂四天内发生两起工人死亡事件)

2015 July 26, Behind the Thread, discussing UNIQLO worker protest

2015 May 2, Tech in Asia, "Should you feel guilty for owning a smartphone?"

2014 December 16, Voice of America (Chinese), "Labor Organization Exposes Child Workers, Is Sued by Chinese Supplier Factory" (劳工组织曝童工内幕,遭中国代工厂起诉)

2014 September 7, Voice of America (Chinese), "Labor Organization: Risk of Dust Explosions at Apple's Chinese Supplier" (劳工组织:中国“苹果”供应商存在粉尘爆炸风险)

2014 September 4, CNBC, "Apple supplier in China under fire for labor abuses"

2014 July 14, CNN, "Watchdog: Samsung avoiding root problems"

2014 July 11, WSJ Live, "Watchdog Alleges Child Labor at Samsung Supplier Plant"

2014 April 28, CBC, "Striking Yue Yuen factory workers highlight China's coming retirement crunch"

2014 April 23, PRI, "The Nike or Adidas sneakers you're wearing may be made by Chinese workers who have gone on strike"

2014 April 15, BBC World, Yue Yuen strike analysis

2014 January 10, Supply Chain Brain, "Undercover in Chinese Factories: The Work of China Labor Watch"

2013 December 10, Global News Channel, "New Life Size Barbie Doll Unveiled in Paris, Not What you Expect"

2013 September 6, CNBC, "Apple probes work conditions at China factory"

2013 September 6, Al Jazeera, "US responsible in Chinese labor rights violations, advocates say"

2013 June 26, CNBC, "How Might Hostage Situation End in China?"

2013 June 3, CNBC, "Spotlight Shines On China Workers' Safety"

2012 September 24, BBC World Have Your Say, "Do you care who makes the products you use?"

Print/Written Media

2016 July 20, ChinaFile Conversation, "How Should the Republican Party Approach China Policy?"

2016 March 14, The New York Times, "Official Admits He Gave Misleading Account of Chinese Miners’ Plight"

2015 December 20, International Business Times, "Chinese Workers Making Barbie Dolls, ‘Frozen’ Costumes, McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys Alleged Mistreatment, Abuse: Report"

2015 December 16, International Business Times, "Your New 'Star Wars' Toy Might Come From Chinese Sweatshop Labor"

2015 November 25, The Nation, "The Other Side of Black Friday Price Tags"

2015 November 22, Fortune, "Hasbro, Mattel Toy Suppliers Slammed In Labor Report"

2015 November 20, International Business Times, "Chinese Workers Making Barbie Dolls, ‘Frozen’ Costumes, McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys Alleged Mistreatment, Abuse: Report"

2015 October 27, Climate Progress (Center for American Progress), "What Apple’s Solar Plans In China Could Mean For Tech Laborers"

2015 October 23, TruthOut, "H&M Has a New Labor Plan: It Looks a Lot Like All the Others"

2015 October 22, International Business Times, "iPhone 6s factory investigation reveals Apple still violates human rights of workers"

2015 August 27, International Business Times, "As Chinese Manufacturing Growth Cools Off, Worker Protest Mounts"

2015 August 18, ChinaFile, "Tianjin Explosion: A ChinaFile Conversation"

2015 August 12, China Digital Times, "Massive Explosion Rocks Tianjin Port"

2015 July 31, Al Jazeera, "China's 2022 Olympics could bolster confidence among investors"

2015 July 28, In These Times, "American Unionists Join Chinese Uniqlo Workers’ Campaign for End to Alleged Abuse"

2015 July 17, The Nation,  Cabbies Are Driving the Opposition to China’s Ridesharing Revolution

2015 June 25, In These Times, "In China, Walmart Is Unionized, But Workers Have No Power on the Job"

2015 June 16, International Business Times, "Hunger Strike At Uniqlo Clothing Supplier In China Highlights Industry's Search For Lower Labor Costs"

2015 May 4, Direct Diplomacy, "Goal Definition and the Use of Online Petitions"

2015 April 9, The Nation, "Are These Strikes a Sign of Growing Militancy Among China’s Workers?"

2015 March 30, Alternet, "Another Dead Factory Worker for Key Apple Supplier: Does the Company Even Care?"

2015 March 11, The Daily Mail, "Chinese worker, 26, making Apple iPhones died after enduring 12 hour shifts, seven days a week, family claim"

2015 March 10, International Business Times, "Chinese Labor Strike: 5,000 Workers Strike At Factory Making Shoes For Nike, Timberland, Kenneth Cole; Police Dogs Deployed"

2015 February 20, Tech in Asia, "Apple shifted production to Pegatron to save money, but workers are still being exploited"

2015 February 20, ChinaFile, "Major China Apple Supplier Pays Workers Less Than Foxconn: A Q&A with Kevin Slaten of China Labor Watch"

2015 February 12, Reuters, "Apple's inability to monitor standards lets Pegatron pay low wages, NGO says"

2015 January 13, The Link Newspaper, "You Can’t Have Your Apple And Eat It Too: How corporately irresponsible is Apple?"

2014 December 17, Voice of America (Chinese version), "劳工组织因揭露童工问题反被诉"

2014 October 20, China Economic Review, "How marketing and market forces created a China boom for formula and disposable diapers"

2014 September 16, Truthout, "Socially Responsible" Capitalism Still Feeds the Disease"

2014 September 4, The Wall Street Journal, "Report Alleges Labor Violations at Apple Supplier in China"

2014 September 4, The Washington Post, "Report claims dangerous conditions, labor violations at another Apple plant"

2014 September 4, South China Morning Post, "Apple supplier based in China accused of labour violations by US watchdogs"

2014 September 4, Cnet, "Apple chastised for unsafe working conditions in supplier factory"

2014 July 10, International Business Times, "Samsung Investigating Child Labour Allegations at Factory in China"

2014 June 3, The New Yorker, "An S.O.S. in a Saks Bag"

2014 May 28, The Wall Street Journal, "Wal-Mart Pressured by China to Resolve Labor Dispute"

2014 April 25, Bloomberg, "Adidas Deals With Striking China Factory by Moving Orders"

2014 April 23, NBC News, "Worsening China Factory Strike Threatens Adidas, Nike Sneakers"

2014 April 22, International Business Times, "Chinese Workers Seen Rejecting Offer To End Strike At Maker Of Nike, Adidas Shoes"

2014 March 13, The Telegraph, "Cancer and nerve damage: is this the human cost of an iPhone?"

2014 March 12, The Guardian, "Apple urged to stop using harmful chemicals in its factories"

2014 March 12, Salon, "Apple urged to stop using toxic chemicals in its factories"

2014 March 7, Quartz, "What happens when Apple finds a child making your iPhone"

2014 March 7, E-Commerce Time, "1,000 Strikers Protest 'Illegal' Offer, Hours at IBM Factory in China"

2013 November 8, Huffington Post, "Exploitation Remains the Name of the Game at Dell's Chinese Factories"

2013 October 8, Huffington Post, "More Bad Apple: Watchdog Exposes New Chinese Factory Abuses"

2012 October 15, The Washington Post, "What Saturday Night Live got right and wrong about China’s Foxconn workers"

2012 September 25, Mother Jones, "Was iPhone Factory Riot Set Off by Rivalry—Or Working Conditions?"

2012 September 5, Bloomberg, "Samsung Abuses Workers at Its China Plants, Labor Group Says"

2012 September 5, The Verge, "China Labor Watch reports worker abuse, underage employment at Samsung factories"