Sunday, March 21, 2010

China Gets Ready to Invade America

If you haven't heard yet, in November 2010, a remake of the film Red Dawn will hit theaters. In 1984, this film depicted the Soviet Union invading the U.S. This time, of course, it will be the Chinese.

I recently wrote a short piece on the ignorance imbued in a poke at Chinese history at the end of Alice in Wonderland, which was released a few weeks back. But this pales in comparison to the approaching epic compilation of substantive deficit that is Red Dawn.

You might respond: But you haven't even seen the movie yet.

True. But the premise -- a major Chinese invasion of the United States -- is so defunct of military and diplomatic reality that I really don't have to see the movie to know its factual failure.

Moreover, how does the director, Dan Bradley, and his crew feel about the potential damage this could do to civil society? A sea of American and Chinese people are already woefully ignorant about each other. Many Americans think that Chinese are brainwashed and repressed, while many Chinese think Americans are war-mongers. This movie plays squarely into this ignorance.

And although it is unlikely to set off any wars, given the sensitive balance of U.S.-China relations, this film will be, at least, unhelpful in the matter of public nationalism (or xenophobia) toward the other country.

This was originally published on RealClearWorld.


  1. Thanks Kevin! I found myself paying careful attention to another story after reading your article - The Drudge Report dutifully reported it under the headline: "Chinese researchers publish how to attack U.S. power grid"

  2. Self-fulfilling prophecy, here we come!

  3. Kevin is an ass kissing liberal probably raised by his mother and no father and totally feminized. He is already accusing America of Xenophobia. Blame America first crowd scum and maybe even a propagandist for the enemy. Nothing patriotic from him. Encase you didn't know the Muslims Russia and china are allies you moron.All the military equipment that comes through Iran and Iraq to kill are soldiers is mostly from Russia and China and if you believed in God you would see the prophecy being fulfilled with Russia (Gog an the Dragon combining their armies and doing massive maneuvers. But the bible also tells me not to argue with fools and those that hate God because they are cursed to hell lol.

  4. This is all very uninteresting from someone so filled with rage, who also prefers to post under an anonymous name.

    But I'm also partially glad that you posted this decidedly unthoughtful comment; it can serve as a prime example of the sort of obstacles US and Chinese foreign policymakers still have to overcome -- the ignorance of some in their populations.

  5. PS - my father, one of my role models, would disagree with you.

  6. WTF!... that's good, just a movie... because if this were true, there's nothing we can do haha anyway, thanks for share, I will look for the movie.

  7. This is something that comes since many years ago but there are some things in here I didn't know, for that reason I consider that it was perfect to make a movie related to that.