Friday, September 5, 2014

Media Round-up: Lack of reform to working conditions at Apple supplier Catcher

On September 4, China Labor Watch (CLW) along with Green America published an investigative report (PDF) on a long list of labor and safety violations at factory called Catcher Technology in Suqian, China that manufactures Apple computer and phone parts.

In addition to the approaching iPhone 6, this report followed 16 months after CLW had already reported similar labor abuse to Apple. But Apple failed to take the necessary action to see through reform. 

In the wake of this report, I had a chance to discuss findings and underlying causes with WSJ, The Guardian, the South China Morning Post, and CNET. Voice of America did a Chinese-language interview with me. I also stepped onto CNBC's Squawk Box, which you can view below.

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  1. The injustices that occur daily in the Chinese factories are in violation of the beliefs of many Americans. Certainly, all Americans vote with their dollars in one way or another (since we purchase the vast majority of our goods from China) to support these abhorrent practices - whether they realize this or not. I hope people begin to make themselves aware of the terrible practices they support whenever making a purchase from Apple, Samsung, etc. Perhaps this awareness will shape our purchasing habits so that American corporations will begin to hold themselves accountable for the practices that they choose to support directly.